Who Are We?

Who are we

Thrive is a collaboration of organizations and community members who share our mission. Our goals are;

  • to develop family focused, integrated service delivery systems;
  • to embed early childhood social-emotional development & mental health into existing services,
  • to raise awareness of the vital importance of social-emotional development, and
  • to provide high quality, relevant training on issues of early childhood mental health.

Our geographical area is Greater St. Cloud, including the Sauk Rapids/Rice, Sartell/St. Stephen and St. Cloud Area school districts.

The Thrive leadership team includes representatives from more than fifteen organizations including Reach Up Inc., Early Childhood Family Education, Benton Stearns Education District, Crisis Nursery, Public Health, St. Cloud State University, Child Care Choices, Anna Marie’s Alliance and the Initiative Foundation.

Early Childhood Mental Health Continuum of Care

Early childhood mental health services span a continuum of care that includes:

  • Promotion/prevention – Services and opportunities available to young children, families and communities about overall mental health wellness.
  • Early Intervention services – Services and opportunities for young children and their families who present behavioral concerns or are at risk for mental health concerns.
  • Interventions – Services and opportunities for young children and families with initial mental health diagnosis.
  • Intensive Interventions – Services and opportunities for young children and families with severe mental health issues who qualify for mental health diagnosis and who do not function well in their environments.