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Priority Areas Include...



Strong positive
relationships help children
develop trust, empathy,
compassion, and a sense
of right and wrong.

Zero to Three



Genes provide a blueprint for the
brain, but a child's environment and
experiences carry out the construction.

The Urban Child Institute





Across multiple dimensions (health,
education, housing, material belongings),
the overall well-being of children in the US ranks
26th out of 29 nations.


Raising of America



Investment in comprehensive early
childhood professional development systems
ensure that our infants and toddlers have the
opportunity to reach their full potential.

Zero to Three



Experiences in the first three years shape the
architecture of a baby's brain and build the
foundation for lifelong learning, good health, and
success in the workplace.

Zero to Three

Grant Hightlights

United Way Projects Highlights


The program services address early childhood development and literacy for
immigrants and refugee (I/R) children aged birth through five.



1. Immigrant and refugee dad’s project: This project will continue to support I/R fathers in building literacy and school success for their young children. Literacy and parenting materials for I/R dads will be developed. The program will expand and extend into other communities in our surrounding area. The materials produced (books) will be accessible to childcare.


2. The lullaby project will address early childhood development and literacy for I/R children through their childcare settings. Building on lessons learned in the Access Project, a team from the Access Project will develop a lullaby training based on the lullaby CD that was created from the Access Project (lullabies from various cultures) that will be offered to childcare providers. This team will also create materials that will be accessible by childcare singing lullabies.


3. The Access Project will continue to bring together early childhood professionals and immigrant and refugee parents, supporting healthy development of immigrant and refugee children under the age of five. Quarterly meetings will develop projects and seek further funding that supports healthy development and Kindergarten readiness.



Initiative Foundation Project Highlights:


1. The IF dollars will be used to provide ongoing technical assistance to develop 21st century systems that improve effectiveness, increase efficiencies and optimize productivity.


2. Build on stellar trainings to continue to support professional work.





Otto Bremer


1. The Otto Bremer dollars are designated to increase the number of trained professionals cross disciplinary that work with young children and their families to build and enhance attachment, with 21st century across to technology that promotes and supports best practice for interdisciplinary work.

Morgan Family Foundation Project Highlights


Build an interdisciplinary team with community agencies to support children pre-natal through age two and their parents and families.

1. The team will meet throughout the year with the purpose of bringing together the Morgan Family Foundation funded groups for the purpose of cross disciplinary learning and understanding of community resources and gaps.


2. The team will arrange 3 trainings per year


3. The team will create a survey instrument for agencies and families to gather information focused on resources and gaps in our community that serves birth through two and their families




Expand the home visiting capacity in underserved communities using the First Steps Curriculum


1. More families will receive home visits from a Licensed Parent Educator.


2. Licensed Parent Educators would receive training in the First Steps Curriculum


3. Licensed Parent Educators would receive Reflective Consultation from and Endorsed Infant and Toddler Mental Health Specialist.