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Greater St. Cloud Area Thrive is excited to offer you a new, unique, and interactive
program for your child care!

With the lullaby project, a multicultural representative will come into your program to teach you and the children in your care one or two lullabies from their native country as well as create a musical instrument. The children will receive a one of a kind unique view into a culture different from their own. This project was created especially for those programs that may not have a very diverse population. This project will satisfy the multicultural category for grants.




What do you Receive?

Materials and instructions for your children to create their own instrument Song book with songs,

lyrics and music Website to stream the songs along with a CD Children’s book related to diversity




Session Details

Each session will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour
$50.00 for the first session
Additional sessions are available at a discounted rate
Available to providers in the Sauk Rapids/Rice, Sartell, and St. Cloud Areas
(Programs outside these areas contact Milestones to determine availability)